The cost of the system is based on user licences, and a fee will be charged in respect of each user registered and using the system during each month (active users).

Where the number of users from one organisation ‘tip’ over into the next pricing band, the organisation will automatically be charged at the lower rate for all their users.  Therefore the cost of 10 users per month will be £185.30, which is the same cost as 11 users.  All the prices quoted are subject to VAT.

Number of users Monthly fee per user
1 - 10 users £18.53
11 - 20 users £16.85
21 - 30 users £16.05
31 - 40 users £15.53
41 - 50 users £15.15
51+ users £14.85

Invoices are issued by email at the beginning of each month based on the number of users on the system during the preceding month.  Payment must be made by BACS by the end of the month during which the invoices are issued.

Storage fees                 

Each subscribing organisation is allocated a server space allowance of 1GB for each active user.

Where the server space required exceeds this ‘user allowance’ in any month, a charge of £3.00 plus VAT will be levied for each additional GB or part GB of additional space used. This charge is in respect of uploads and a notional size of 0.15KB will be allocated to each filenote.

Personalisation of the system

Qunote is licensed to users on a 'sold as seen' basis, but we are able to personalise elements of the software e.g. the format of invoices or the functionality of certain sections of the system.  In such cases, please let us know what changes you would like to have made and we will provide your with an estimate or quotation for the additional work.

So, how much will it cost us?

  1. Number of users: