Manage your client funds

We have released a module to help you keep track of client funds. You can manage income and spending from any client funds you hold, and the system will give you a balancing figure for individual clients, as well as a balancing total for all clients.

Inputting received funds is simple, and you can specify the payment method and reference number to help keep track of the funds. Disbursements from your client funds are logged as payments alongside your filenotes, so you can ensure that all time associated with the expenditure is logged.

At the end of the month, you can elect to display a client funds panel on your invoice, so that your funder can view the client account, along with any disbursements made on their behalf in the period.

The client funds module is included with the Qunote system at no additional charge and like all modules is fully manageable within the admin area.

For a more detailed overview of Qunote please sign up for our demo system or contact us for more details.