Professional, Healthcare and Related Contacts 

In addition to storing your client's details, Qunote also has a database for other important contacts who are relevant to the case. These can include Solicitors, Deputies, GPs, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and friends and family of the client.

Contacts such as Solicitors and Healthcare Professionals can be shared across your organisation, however it is also possible to restrict access to particular users. Any employee of your company can contribute to or amend the database, and the information will be updated for all users.

As with the Client Overview page, Qunote has the capacity to add photographs, client and non-client specific notes, and special fields (such as contact-specific charging rates or personal information). Addresses can be searched via a direct link to Google Maps.

For a more detailed overview of Qunote then please sign up for our demo system or contact us for more details.