Online Case Notes for Case Managers & Medical Professionals

Filenotes are at the heart of the Qunote system. From each individual filenote produced throughout the invoicing period, a bill is automatically generated to include all activity for a particular client. Every minute of client contact or support time spent is logged and documented accurately.

Everything you add to your filenote is automatically saved within the client's file. Filenotes can be as long or as short as you like and because Qunote is web-based, you can write them from wherever you might be working.

You can make a filenote privileged or not chargeable, and you can also add in categorisation codes, so you can analyse your intervention by the contact type, by the people involved and by the subject of the intervention. Then you can log any time spent writing up the filenote, your travel and costs, travel time and any other expenses. As soon as you save it, your note is immediately available.

The filenote area has a powerful search and filtering function so if, after several years, someone asks about a particular visit, or medication, you can enter the relevant search term and the filenote you need will appear.

Another useful feature is the ‘flag for follow up’ which allows you to flag up actions for yourself or other system users to complete.

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