Before you begin using the Emails area on Qunote, you will need to go to your Admin dashboard, and find the Email Settings area. In here, you can choose which user (typically a super admin user) will pick up any emails sent into your Qunote account. Emails coming from an email address already linked to a user account on the system will automatically arrive in that user's account. Next you will need to set up you default receiving email, which is where you will send emails to come in to Qunote. This should be something unique to your organisation, and will be followed by

You can now find your new Emails tab at the top of the right hand navigation pane. This tab will take you to your webmail screen, and its icon will turn red when you have new, unseen emails, and blue when there are emails waiting to be read. You can send and receive emails from within Qunote from your central system webmail screen. From here, you can quickly see which emails relate specifically to your clients; transfer emails to client case notes within a few clicks; or transfer the email to another Qunote user for their attention.

When you create a client, they will be assigned a unique email reference number, for example [#IbTesO]. Emails displaying this code, whether sent or received, will automatically be marked as related to that client. You can copy the reference with one click, or click the email icon on your client's profile, to send out an email directly related to that client. If you are sending a client-related email, your contacts list will pre-populate with your client-specific contacts.

When it comes to adding your email to a case note, you just need to confirm the client it relates to, then your case note title, content and contact type will already be completed. All you need to do is enter the time spent, who and what task it related to, and then save.

Case notes which originated as emails will be marked with a little email icon in the main list, which you can click to view the original email and any attachments.

For more information on the emails area please contact us.