Timesheets populated from Case Notes

The Qunote system populates your staff timesheets using the mileage and expenses data they enter for their filenotes. When it comes to producing a timesheet, all the information is already stored for them. They can enter the date from which the timesheet commences and view a summarised report of their activity.

The timesheet is populated with the information, approved by the member of staff, and then submitted for approval. If they need to make any internal notes for reference, these can be stored with the timesheet.

Your staff have access to their submitted timesheets within the Timesheets area of their profile, so they can refer back to them whenever they need to. There is also a filter function for quickly searching timesheet contents.

Self employed case management staff can use the timesheets system to log their working time, and can produce their timesheets, including mileage and expenses, broken down by client.