Support workers database

The Support Workers’ Database is included in Qunote which will be set up by your system administrator. Case Managers are then able to set up a master rota with tasks for all your clients and assign Support Workers to complete the tasks. Case Managers can also set up simple care plans for their clients which Support Workers may action and report back.

The Rotas Module will allow Case Managers to create regular care and shift patterns, but it also has the flexibility to add one-off shifts.

The Support Worker App is going to launch as a web based application, each Support Worker will receive a schedule via their PC or mobile app and support workers can access restricted elements of the client’s case file and log their attendance times. They can add measurements or scores in a variety of formats and even write notes (which if they are using a smart phone, they can dictate if preferred). Their notes will then go into the main Qunote system under ‘Support Notes’ so that Case Managers are able to see these and add them to ‘Filenotes’ if they wish. Detailed reports can then be produced showing a client’s progress as a graph, or a chart.

The Support Workers will only have access to the Support Worker application and won’t be able to access client filenotes, they will only be able to see any notes that the Case Manager has added to their rota for specific tasks.

Although the Support Worker App is a web based application it will be able to be used offline as long as you log into the system via the internet, then any notes made whilst offline will be backed up onto Qunote once it gains an internet connection.

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