Invoicing and Billing 

The Qunote system stores all logged time, expenses and other disbursements, so that when it comes to invoicing, there is very little work to be done. The admin sections offers maximum flexibility when it comes to setting up your invoicing arrangements:

  • Choose invoicing period
  • Invoice type (invoice by subject or contact type)
  • Optional time rounding
  • Add invoice numbering and prefixes
  • Option to itemise or summarise case notes

Any member of staff with the right permissions can issue an invoice, select the format required and collate the information to be included. The system will automatically present the billable activity for the client to be invoiced, and the only task is to edit the item descriptions, check the amounts and submit the invoice for approval.

The invoice is then flagged for a supervisor to check, approve and assign an invoice number, before the invoice is sent to your contact. There is also the option to generate a full report of all billable activity for that client, to accompany the invoice.

For a more detailed overview of Qunote please sign up for our demo system or contact us for more details.