Document Management System and Templates

Qunote allows you to upload and share a wide variety of document types so they are easily accessible for all employees involved in the case. Within the upload area you can edit the title, add a brief description and choose what type of document it is for easy filtering. Once uploaded, all documents are listed along with the initials of the user who uploaded them. The filters area allows you to search your stored documents by a range of criteria, such as author, date range and keywords.

The system also acts as a template storage facility. Admin users can add a selection of document templates so that all users are able to generate their documents with cohesive branding and statutory information included, without hunting through their own computers each time they need to produce a letter or report.

You can create an export of your documents within a specific date range. The system will automatically produce a .zip file of your documents, organised by category.

You can also link documents directly to filenotes, so everything is easily referenced, and stored in one place.

For a more detailed overview of Qunote please sign up for our demo system or contact us for more details.