Case Management Software Features

Qunote has been designed around the day-to-day needs of Case Managers working both in the office and in their clients' homes. All aspects of the system are easy to use and streamline the process making an accurate clinical record of your intervention, assisting your client, creating your timesheets, reporting and invoicing for your time.

Whilst Qunote has been designed as a one size fits all Case Management System, our experience is that all of our clients have their own unique way of working.  That's why Qunote comes with an extensive range of settings which can be customised to your organisation.  We'll help you find the right configuration of these settings when we set up your account.

The left-hand menu provides a brief overview of the key areas of Qunote, from client profiles through to the billing process. Click on the images to view more detailed screenshots of Qunote in action.

If you'd like to find out more about Qunote, please arrange a demo or contact us.